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AIMC Clinic William Freilich Milan

AIMC Clinic, founded by William S. Freilich, MD FACEP in 1997, is a reputable private medical clinic situated in the heart of Milan, conveniently located near the University Hospital and Milan Medical School. Dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services, AIMC Clinic serves both the international English-speaking community and the local Italian community.


The clinic’s team of English-speaking doctors ensures effective communication and a comfortable experience for patients from diverse backgrounds. By offering medical services in English, AIMC Clinic caters to the needs of expatriates, travellers, and locals who prefer English as their primary language.


AIMC Clinic upholds a comprehensive approach to medicine, integrating a commitment to care and quality. The clinic stays up to date with the latest scientific developments and research that impact medical practice, ensuring that patients receive the most advanced and evidence-based treatments available. The clinic recognizes the importance of collaboration between patients and physicians in achieving optimal health and wellness. By working together towards a shared goal of well-being, AIMC Clinic fosters a patient-centred approach that empowers individuals to take an active role in their healthcare journey.


With its central location and a philosophy rooted in excellence, AIMC Clinic William Freilich Milan has established itself as a trusted healthcare provider in Milan. The clinic’s commitment to delivering high-quality care, combined with its focus on patient engagement and well-being, ensures that patients receive comprehensive and personalized medical services.


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