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Alpha Omega Medical Center Brussels

Alpha Omega Center, located in Brussels, is home to a team of dedicated general practitioners including Dr. Gracia Nkaya, Dr. Bequignon, and Dr. Ndayishima. Together, they provide comprehensive healthcare services for children, adolescents, and adults.

At Alpha Omega Center, the focus is on delivering holistic healthcare. In addition to the general practitioners, the center collaborates with other specialties to address all aspects of patients’ health. A team of physiotherapists, psychologists, hypnocoaches, and midwives are available to provide specialized care and support. This includes services such as physical therapy, mental well-being support, hypnotherapy, and various maternity-related services such as baby carrying, baby massage, and breastfeeding advice.

To ensure convenience for patients, Alpha Omega Center has listed consultation hours on their website. They also offer blood tests by appointment, with availability throughout the week.

The team at Alpha Omega Center is committed to providing personalized care and supporting patients’ overall well-being. Whether seeking medical assistance, mental health support, or maternity-related services, patients can rely on the expertise and dedication of the professionals at Alpha Omega Center.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Alpha Omega Center or visit their website. The team looks forward to serving the healthcare needs of the community with their compassionate and comprehensive approach.

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