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Anti-Ageing Center Andrea Alessandrini Rome

The Anti-Ageing Center, led by Dr. Andrea Alessandrini in Rome, is a renowned establishment specializing in aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Dr. Alessandrini is a specialist surgeon who has dedicated his career to advancing the field of aesthetic medicine.


Dr. Alessandrini is widely recognized for his expertise in developing specific combined therapeutic protocols and advanced techniques using fillers. His contributions to the field have played an active role in the evolution of aesthetic medicine. As a testament to his knowledge and standing in the industry, he has been invited as a lecturer and educator at numerous national and international congresses, serving as a speaker and session president. He is also a member of various scientific societies and has authored several publications, including the internationally acclaimed “Anatomia del Volto – Face Anatomy.”


The Anti-Ageing Center in Rome, under the leadership of Dr. Alessandrini, serves as an international medical training center and a hub of excellence for doctors dedicated to aesthetic medicine. It is a point of reference for practitioners seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in this specialized field.


At the Anti-Ageing Center, a wide range of anti-ageing treatments and aesthetic procedures are offered. These include natural hyaluronic acid treatments, biorestructuring, biorevolumetry, carboxytherapy, traction threads, filler treatments, lipofilling and stem cell procedures, mentoplasty, mesotherapy, chemical peels, Plexr, PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma) therapy, radiofrequency treatments, rhinoplasty, and botulinum toxin injections.


Dr. Andrea Alessandrini and his team at the Anti-Ageing Center in Rome are dedicated to providing minimally invasive procedures that yield maximum results. With their expertise and commitment to delivering personalized and natural-looking outcomes, they help patients achieve their aesthetic goals and rejuvenate their appearance.


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