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Avicenna Medical Center Hamburg

The Avicenna Medical Center in Hamburg is a comprehensive healthcare facility that offers a wide range of medical specialities and services. They bring together family doctor-internal care, internal and general medicine, neurosurgery, orthopaedic care, and aesthetic medicine to provide coordinated and comprehensive care for patients. Collaborations with other institutions ensure comprehensive healthcare coverage.


The center is dedicated to ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction. Their caring and committed staff prioritize personalized care and exceptional service, making patients feel at ease during their visit.


The Avicenna Medical Center provides a multitude of services to meet diverse healthcare needs. These include general practitioner internal care, laboratory tests, ECG, pulse oximetry, 24-hour ECG monitoring, stress ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, ergo spirometry, skin cancer screening, cancer prevention, vaccinations, travel medicine, Disease Management Programs (DMP) for various conditions, ultrasound examinations of internal organs and the thyroid gland, health checks, checkups, preventive medicine, psychosomatic basic care, sports medicine, orthopaedic care, pain therapy, chirotherapy, naturopathic treatment, acupuncture, home visits, neurosurgical care for spinal diseases, intervertebral disc disease, cervical spine issues, lumbar spine conditions, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They also offer aesthetic medicine services.


With a focus on patient-centred care, the Avicenna Medical Center strives to provide comprehensive healthcare services. By integrating different specialities and collaborating with other institutions, they ensure that patients receive the appropriate care tailored to their specific needs, all within a comfortable and compassionate environment.


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