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Barcelona Family Doctor

Barcelona Family Doctor is a trusted medical practice in Barcelona, offering the services of an English-speaking doctor. With a commitment to providing personal, professional, and qualified medical care, they cater to the healthcare needs of individuals and families.

Conveniently located at Passeig de Sant Gervasi 55, Barcelona 08022, Spain, Barcelona Family Doctor offers various options for consultations. Patients can choose between online consultations, home visits, or visiting the clinic directly.

Recognizing the unique challenges of seeking medical assistance in a foreign country, Barcelona Family Doctor specializes in treating patients from diverse backgrounds. They prioritize delivering high-standard medical treatments and ensuring continuity of care for their patients.

As family doctors, their primary objective is to diagnose and treat general medical problems promptly and comprehensively. They adapt their approach to the specific needs of each patient, directing them to specialist services when necessary. Barcelona Family Doctor facilitates seamless communication by referring patients to specialists who are proficient in their language. They also provide follow-up care to ensure comprehensive and coordinated treatment.

In addition to in-person visits, Barcelona Family Doctor offers convenient online consultations. Patients can receive diagnoses and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses and health problems from the comfort of their own location. The clinic’s experienced team also performs various minor surgeries, including PAP tests and mole removals.

Understanding the complexity of the Spanish healthcare system, Barcelona Family Doctor assists patients in finding the right specialists for their specific requirements.

Please note that appointments are available by prior arrangement only, allowing the clinic to deliver dedicated and personalized care to each patient.


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