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Broadgate General Practice London

Located in the heart of central London near Liverpool Street, Broadgate General Practice is renowned as one of the best private GP surgeries in the capital. With a commitment to prioritizing your health in the bustling lifestyle of London, they offer fast and convenient private GP services, including same-day appointments, walk-in clinics, and referrals for immediate attention. Broadgate GP understands the importance of quick access to the necessary treatment for its patients.


Their comprehensive range of GP services covers various medical needs and includes services such as flu vaccinations, sexual health screening and testing, cervical screening, blood tests, and prescribed medications. They specialize in women’s health, men’s health, and STI testing, and boast a team of expert consultants and general practitioners who ensure prompt and professional care.


Broadgate GP is dedicated to providing discreet, confidential, and top-class GP services, adhering to the highest standards of care as regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Their services are always conducted with the utmost professionalism and respect for patient privacy.


What sets Broadgate GP apart is their commitment to affordability and accessibility. They offer affordable private GP consultations, and you can easily schedule an appointment on the same day, either through a video call or by visiting their clinic in London. They also provide the convenience of walk-in appointments and offer free follow-up consultations within 48 hours for the original condition.


With a wide range of services and the ability to book appointments via email or phone, Broadgate GP ensures convenience for their patients. They also have chaperones available for all walk-in appointments and offer quick referral processes to specialized doctors when needed.


Don’t wait for days or weeks for an NHS appointment—experience the prompt, inclusive, and high-quality GP services provided by Broadgate General Practice. From health screens to blood tests and occupational health services, they are dedicated to delivering exceptional care to patients in the City of London.

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