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Caro Medical in Rotterdam offers a unique digital companion designed to enhance patient care and support healthcare professionals. Caro serves as a valuable tool that informs, guides, and supports patients while providing healthcare professionals with valuable insights into patient recovery. This allows for more efficient and effective care delivery while ensuring a patient-centred approach.


With Caro, healthcare professionals can instantly access important information such as measured pain scores, mood, symptoms, and survey results (PROMs). This real-time data provides a clear understanding of each patient’s progress and enables healthcare professionals to identify complications or areas where additional support may be needed more quickly.


Caro also facilitates remote care by offering personalized and scalable patient support, including chat and video consultations. This remote care approach not only enhances convenience for patients but also allows healthcare teams to efficiently provide guidance and support, ultimately optimizing the use of their time and resources.


Caro serves different stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. For doctors and healthcare professionals, it offers a comprehensive system to monitor patient recovery remotely and identify potential complications more efficiently. For patients, Caro delivers relevant and understandable information tailored to their specific needs and provides support when needed. Clinics can benefit from Caro by comparing patient recovery insights and provider outcomes, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and enhance overall care delivery.


Caro Medical aims to revolutionize the healthcare experience by leveraging technology to improve patient outcomes and optimize the healthcare process. With its patient-centred approach, remote care capabilities, and comprehensive insights, Caro Medical is at the forefront of transforming healthcare in Rotterdam.

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