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Central Doctors Amsterdam

Welcome to Central Doctors Amsterdam, a modern general practice conveniently located at Amsterdam Central Station. With years of experience in the medical world, Central Doctors offer a personal approach to healthcare, treating patients as individuals rather than mere numbers.

At Central Doctors Amsterdam, patients can always count on having a doctor nearby in Amsterdam Center. Whether they require regular medications or have unstable health conditions, the dedicated team of general practitioners is committed to providing comprehensive care. The practice is easily accessible, situated in the heart of Amsterdam, making it an ideal choice for residents, commuters, and travellers seeking a new, conveniently located general practitioner.

With a focus on privacy and confidentiality, Central Doctors maintain detailed records to ensure a seamless continuum of care. Patients can expect a compassionate and attentive approach from the doctors, who take the time to understand each individual’s unique situation and medical history. During appointments, the doctors can quickly review previous discussions and treatment plans, ensuring continuity and personalised attention.

In addition to consultations and personalised care, Central Doctors offer a range of services. The practice has its laboratory for various investigations, enabling efficient and prompt diagnostics. Furthermore, patients have the convenience of an adjacent pharmacy where they can conveniently collect their prescribed medications.

To enhance accessibility and convenience, Central Doctors Amsterdam provides a patient portal, allowing patients to request prescriptions, schedule appointments, and access test results at their own convenience. While the practice strives to answer phone calls promptly, occasional delays may occur during busy times or temporary staff shortages.

Choose Central Doctors Amsterdam for a modern, patient-centred approach to healthcare. With its central location, experienced practitioners, and commitment to individualised care, the practice is dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of the Amsterdam community.


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