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Centre Médical du Périnée Paris

The Centre Médical du Périnée Paris (CM2P) is a specialized medical centre dedicated to the evaluation and management of pelvic-perineal disorders in both men and women. They focus on urinary, faecal, and sexual dysfunctions related to urological, gynaecological, or neurological conditions.


With particular expertise in neurological disorders, CM2P specializes in the assessment and treatment of urinary, anorectal, and genito-sexual dysfunctions caused by conditions such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Spina bifida, and more. The centre practices the field of Neuro-Urology, which involves collaboration among urologists, neurologists, and physicians specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Their primary role is to diagnose, evaluate, and manage vesical-sphincter disorders associated with neurological conditions. Additionally, CM2P provides comprehensive care for perineal disabilities, addressing urinary, anorectal, and genito-sexual dysfunctions that are frequently associated with these conditions.


The centre collaborates closely with urologists, gynaecologists, neurologists, and doctors specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to provide a comprehensive approach to evaluating urinary disorders, pelvic-perineal pain, and pre or post-operative pelvic and perineal assessments. CM2P offers consultations for various urinary disorders, anorectal disorders, sexual disorders, and perineal pain. They also provide specialized services such as urodynamic explorations and perineal electrophysiological explorations.


The main objective of the Centre Médical du Périnée Paris is to establish a network of medical professionals, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of pelvic-perineal disorders. By offering comprehensive consultations and specialized diagnostic procedures, CM2P strives to provide optimal care for patients with urinary, anorectal, and sexual dysfunctions, as well as those experiencing perineal pain.

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