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City Doctors Copenhagen

City Doctors Copenhagen is a clinic that offers slimming drug treatments to affiliated patients. They provide various ways to get in touch and schedule appointments. Patients can call to book an appointment, either for an in-person visit or a video consultation. Video appointments are available on the same day as the call. Additionally, patients have the option to book appointments online or reach out via email, where they can attach photos if necessary.


It is important to note that for children with a fever, a video assessment is required before they can receive a physical examination. If possible, they are advised to wait outside the clinic to reduce the risk of infection in the waiting room. City Doctors Copenhagen has found that many issues can be effectively addressed through video consultations, making it a recommended option for patients.


To prioritize safety and prevent the spread of infection, it is crucial for patients to inform the clinic if they have any symptoms of COVID-19, such as a sore throat, muscle pain, dry cough, fever, headache, or taste disturbances. Patients experiencing these symptoms should not visit the clinic.


City Doctors Copenhagen aims to provide accessible and convenient healthcare services, offering slimming drug treatments and embracing technology to ensure efficient communication and high-quality care for their patients.


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