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Lisbon International Medical Clinic

Located adjacent to the iconic Marquês de Pombal roundabout, Lisbon International Medical Clinic (CMIL) has been serving the community for over 30 years as a renowned international medical facility. With a team of highly qualified and specialized medical professionals, CMIL offers comprehensive services and diagnostic tests to meet the needs of both the local and foreign communities in Lisbon.

The medical and auxiliary teams at CMIL are fluent in English, with additional language support in French or Spanish when necessary. This language proficiency ensures effective communication and personalized care for patients from various backgrounds, whether they are residents or visitors to the city.

CMIL provides a wide range of services to cater to different healthcare needs. Their team of General Practitioners, specialising in Internal Medicine, has extensive experience in treating foreign patients and is fluent in both Portuguese and English. Moreover, the clinic offers various medical specialities, with interdisciplinary physicians who can provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

For those seeking medical check-ups, CMIL conducts thorough examinations accompanied by all necessary tests. The clinic also offers health and beauty services, including nutrition guidance and reconstructive plastic surgery, to assist patients in achieving their wellness goals.

As an accredited medical clinic, CMIL is authorized by several embassies to conduct immigration medical exams for visa applications from non-EU countries. They also provide travel medicine services, ensuring that patients meet all necessary health requirements before or during their travels, particularly for destinations with specific health concerns.

CMIL takes pride in offering access to a wide range of diagnostic tests within their clinic in collaboration with Affidea Portugal and the SYNLAB laboratory. This partnership allows patients to access necessary tests and receive accurate and timely results conveniently.

With its long-standing presence and commitment to excellence, Lisbon International Medical Clinic strives to provide high-quality healthcare services and diagnostic facilities to meet the diverse needs of the local and international community in Lisbon.


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