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Clínica Pêro Lisbon

Welcome to Clínica Pêro, the leading destination for root cause medicine in Lisbon. At Clínica Pêro, they prioritize personalized care and truly listen to their patients. Unlike the typical 15-minute appointments, their consultations last a generous 45 minutes, allowing for a genuine exchange between the patient and the doctor, with the focus solely on the individual’s needs rather than on computer screens.


Clínica Pêro believes in the power of testing rather than guessing when it comes to healthcare. While traditional medicine often lags behind the latest scientific advancements by decades, this clinic stands apart by actively updating their medical knowledge at a much faster pace. By staying abreast of the latest research and technology, they can provide cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment options.


One of the unique aspects of Clínica Pêro is the collaboration between Dr Diana and their research scientist, Raphael Sirtoli. This dynamic team believes in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. When patients, doctors, and scientists come together, remarkable progress can be made in understanding and addressing health concerns.


While Clínica Pêro is renowned for their expertise in metabolic health, they offer a comprehensive range of medical services. Patients are invited to visit the clinic not only for their exceptional medical care but also to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of their doctor-scientist team.


Conveniently located in the heart of Lisbon, Clínica Pêro is easily accessible for both locals and visitors. Whether you are seeking answers to complex health issues or looking for a healthcare provider dedicated to addressing the root causes of illness, Clínica Pêro is here to provide the exceptional care you deserve.


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