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Copenhagen Cardiovascular Clinic

The Copenhagen Cardiovascular Clinic (CCC) is a leading healthcare facility specializing in hormone replacement therapy for both women and men. With a strong focus on cardiovascular disease, the clinic is renowned for its expertise in testosterone treatment and is recognized as one of the most experienced clinics worldwide in this field. CCC’s success lies in their dedication to addressing the underlying causes of patient ailments, particularly those related to cardiovascular health.


The clinic provides effective treatment for conditions such as arteriosclerosis of the heart and peripheral vascular system, including Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). They also offer comprehensive care for metabolic syndrome (Syndrome X), menopausal conditions in women, and the male “andropause.” Andropause is characterized by symptoms like decreased energy, lack of initiative, erectile dysfunction, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.


CCC specializes in several key areas, including cardiovascular disease, circulation, atherosclerosis, female menopause, testosterone treatment, andropause, male menopause, erectile dysfunction (ED), hormonal treatment (HRT, TRT), transgender treatment, Type II diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, anti-ageing therapies, impotence, sexual dysfunction, cholesterol management, health screening, preventive medicine, diet, and overall quality of life. General health screening is also available as part of their services.


The clinic prides itself on providing personalized and individualized attention to each patient. Initial consultations are never limited by time, ensuring patients have ample opportunity to discuss their concerns and receive comprehensive care. Patients can expect to receive the attention and time needed to address their health needs fully.


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