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Copenhagen Center of Functional Medicine

The Copenhagen Center of Functional Medicine offers a unique approach to optimizing health and addressing the underlying causes of illness. They work with both healthy individuals who strive for optimal health and those seeking solutions to health challenges. Utilizing a combination of conventional medicine’s best diagnostic methods and innovative tests, they develop personalized treatment plans that incorporate diet, sleep, movement, and nutritional supplements.


Functional medicine is rooted in a holistic understanding of the body, focusing on prevention and balance. At the Copenhagen Center of Functional Medicine, they consider health as an integrated network of functions rather than isolated organs. They emphasize the importance of addressing all aspects of health, including sleep, mental well-being, diet and food supplements, and exercise. The center also collaborates with external laboratories for comprehensive health examinations.


The client is at the centre of their approach, and individualized treatment is prioritized. The center considers the client’s genetics, cellular composition, and bacterial composition, tailoring treatment plans based on these factors. Innovative methods and medical testing are employed to delve deeper into individual health profiles. Treatment options may include nutritional supplements, conventional medicine, specialized diets, stress techniques, infrared light, and movement.


All treatments offered at the Copenhagen Center of Functional Medicine are rooted in data and research from leading international researchers. By combining scientific knowledge with a patient-centred approach, the center aims to support individuals on their journey towards better health and well-being.


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