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Doctor José María Lozano Madrid

Dr. José María Lozano is a highly regarded general medicine doctor with a private practice located at Calle de Ferraz, 5 in Madrid. With a strong reputation and positive patient feedback, Dr. Lozano has established himself as a trusted healthcare provider in the community.


Patients appreciate Dr. Lozano’s expertise and the quality of care he provides. His medical knowledge, combined with his attentive and compassionate approach, contributes to his excellent patient ratings. Patients feel valued and well taken care of under his medical guidance.


One consideration to keep in mind is that Dr. Lozano’s popularity means that he may experience a longer waiting time, especially on certain days when he has a higher number of patients. However, this waiting time is a result of the high demand for his services and does not diminish the quality of care he delivers.


Located in the vibrant city of Madrid, Dr. José María Lozano’s private practice serves as a reliable option for individuals seeking general medical assistance. Patients can trust in his expertise and dedication to providing comprehensive healthcare services tailored to their specific needs.

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