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Doctor Philippe Fabbri Paris

Welcome to the office of Dr. Philippe Fabbri, a highly skilled general practitioner located in the heart of Paris at 23 rue Joubert in the 9th arrondissement. Dr. Fabbri offers a comprehensive range of medical services and is dedicated to providing personalized care to his patients.


In addition to in-person consultations, Dr. Fabbri offers the convenience of video consultations, allowing patients to receive follow-up care, discuss analysis results, receive medical advice, or manage chronic conditions from the comfort of their own homes.


Dr. Fabbri specializes in sports medicine, catering to athletes and individuals engaged in intensive sports practice. He provides sports medicine consultations, offering expertise in the treatment of sports-related injuries such as sprains, strains, and tendinitis. Moreover, he offers training and dietary advice to optimize athletic performance.


As a mesotherapist, Dr. Fabbri focuses on rheumatology, traumatology, and pain management. He utilizes mesotherapy as a treatment modality for sports pathology, effectively addressing various conditions and promoting healing.


Dr. Fabbri’s expertise extends to the management of non-inflammatory rheumatic conditions like low back pain, osteoarthritis, and neuralgia. He also emphasizes preventive measures to mitigate pathologies associated with intensive sports practice while assisting athletes in their recovery journey following injuries.


Moreover, Dr. Fabbri is experienced in monitoring the growth and development of athletic children, offering specialized care for growth-related pathologies. He conducts aptitude visits for leisure sports, competition, and scuba diving, ensuring individuals engage in these activities safely.


With his comprehensive approach to healthcare and dedication to his patient’s well-being, Dr. Philippe Fabbri is a trusted medical professional in Paris. Whether you require general medical care, sports medicine expertise, or specialized treatment, Dr. Fabbri’s office is a welcoming space where you can receive high-quality, personalized healthcare services.


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