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Doctor Service Amsterdam, Expat Medical Center

Welcome to Expat Medical Centre Amsterdam & Amstelveen, a trusted healthcare facility dedicated to serving the needs of expatriates and locals alike. Located in the historical centre of Amsterdam, right along one of the city’s picturesque canals, the clinic strives to improve patients’ health and well-being promptly and effectively.

The team at Expat Medical Centre Amsterdam & Amstelveen offers a comprehensive range of medical services to cater to all aspects of healthcare. Whether you require medical consultations, laboratory testing, minor surgeries, medical examinations, or follow-up care for chronic diseases, their experienced and dedicated professionals are here to assist you. They understand the importance of providing medical services in patients’ own languages, ensuring clear and effective communication.

In addition to their primary care services, Expat Medical Centre Amsterdam & Amstelveen offers specialized treatments such as psychotherapy, physiotherapy, and dietary advice. The clinic’s commitment to excellence extends to its after-hours emergency medical service, ensuring that patients have access to urgent medical care when they need it most.

Patient convenience and empowerment are prioritized at Expat Medical Centre Amsterdam & Amstelveen. Through their patient portal, individuals can conveniently request repeat prescriptions, schedule appointments, and access their test results online.

The clinic also emphasizes preventive care, offering comprehensive healthcare assessments and screenings to detect potential issues before they escalate. Additionally, they provide specialized services such as diabetes risk assessment, asthma management, travel medicine consultations and vaccinations, mental health support, and women’s health assessments.

Expat Medical Centre Amsterdam & Amstelveen collaborates closely with local hospitals and specialists, facilitating seamless referrals when necessary. Their commitment to patient-centred care, combined with their extensive range of services, makes them an invaluable resource for individuals seeking high-quality healthcare in the Amsterdam area.


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