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Doctors at Amagertorv Copenhagen

The doctors at Amagertorv Copenhagen are a medical practice owned and operated by Doctor Pia Boman and Doctor Puk Laugen. They are committed to providing excellent healthcare services to their patients.


To ensure the best possible treatment, the clinic requests that patients provide their old medical records and register themselves, as well as their children, with their own social security numbers via self-service options, email consultations, and prescription renewal services.


In addition to the doctors Pia Boman and Puk Laugen, the clinic has a team of other doctors, including training doctors, midwives, SOSU assistants, secretaries, and medical students. The presence of midwives in the clinic enables them to offer comprehensive care to expectant mothers and provide specialized support during pregnancy and childbirth.


The clinic also employs a team of 13 medical students who assist with telephone inquiries and blood sampling. These medical students contribute to the smooth functioning of the clinic and provide valuable support to patients.


With their dedicated team of healthcare professionals, the doctors at Amagertorv Copenhagen aim to deliver high-quality medical services and ensure the well-being of their patients. Whether it is general medical care, maternity services, or assistance from medical students, the clinic strives to provide comprehensive and attentive healthcare in a professional and caring environment.


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