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DocturTeam Medical Services Ibiza

DocturTeam Medical Services in Ibiza offers 24-hour medical services, providing healthcare at home on the island. Their services are focused on professionalism, integrity, and excellence, ensuring personalized care for their patients.


In addition to their round-the-clock availability, DocturTeam specializes in Vitamin Drip therapy, offering customized intravenous treatments to support wellness and health.


The company has a dedicated division that caters to the specific needs of the tourism sector. They provide tailored medical services to hotels, tourist apartments, tour operators, event companies, and other establishments in the tourism industry. This includes on-site medical support for guests, ensuring their well-being during their stay on the island.


DocturTeam also offers outsourcing services to hospitals, senior homes, mutual insurance companies, and other healthcare facilities. They provide medical and healthcare staff to meet the staffing requirements of these institutions.


Whether it’s delivering healthcare to individuals at home, serving the tourism sector, or providing staffing solutions to healthcare facilities, DocturTeam Medical Services is committed to meeting the diverse medical needs of Ibiza and maintaining a high standard of professional service.


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