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Dr. Ali Bakhshandeh Marbella

Dr. Ali Bakhshandeh is a dedicated general practitioner who was born in Tehran, Iran and later moved to Vienna, Austria. After completing his medical studies at the University of Vienna, he obtained the title of General Practitioner in 2003. Dr. Bakhshandeh then relocated to Marbella, Andalusia, where he has been practising as a private family doctor since 2016.


With 10 years of experience in medical transportation and home visits on the Costa del Sol, including serving as a medical director, Dr. Bakhshandeh has gained valuable expertise in the local healthcare system. He currently operates a practice in the heart of Marbella, providing care in five languages: Persian, German, Spanish, English, and French.


Dr. Bakhshandeh’s approach to medicine is rooted in humanity, sensitivity, and a commitment to finding effective solutions for his patients. His comprehensive range of services covers all aspects of general medicine, including home visits. His local experience and specialized knowledge contribute to the quality of care he provides to his patients.


As a compassionate and skilled general practitioner, Dr. Ali Bakhshandeh is dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of individuals and families in Marbella and providing personalized, high-quality medical care.


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