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Dr. Charlotte Lahaye Brussels

Introducing Dr. Charlotte Lahaye, a dedicated healthcare professional practicing in Brussels. Dr. Lahaye welcomes patients at the Gatti medical center, offering appointments from Monday to Friday. Please note that Dr. Lahaye is currently not accepting new patients for regular follow-up.

To ensure the continuity of care, Dr. Lahaye has teamed up with Dr. Charlotte Hautain and Dr. Yasmine Reddah. Together, they provide comprehensive medical services and support for their patients.

For non-urgent requests such as results or information, it is recommended to send an email to Dr Charlotte Lahaye Brussels. However, please note that Dr. Lahaye does not respond to text messages.

Dr. Charlotte Lahaye is committed to providing quality healthcare and strives to offer personalized care to her patients. Although she is unable to take new patients for regular follow-up at the moment, she continues to serve her existing patients alongside her colleagues.

To schedule an appointment or for any further inquiries, please contact the Gatti medical center. Dr. Charlotte Lahaye and her team are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services to meet your needs.


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