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Dr. Cristian Pellegrini, MD Milan

Dr. Cristian Pellegrini, MD, is an English-speaking doctor in Milan dedicated to providing a welcoming and comfortable experience for his patients. He completed his medical education at Università degli Studi di Milano and subsequently underwent specialized training in General Practice. Dr. Pellegrini also holds the National Diploma in Clinical Sonography (SIUMB), further expanding his expertise.


Throughout his career, Dr. Pellegrini has gained experience working at various hospitals and private clinics. He currently serves as a General Practitioner under the National Health Service while also offering private consultations, particularly catering to the international community in Milan.


Dr. Pellegrini is an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Practice – Internal Medicine at IMS (International Medical School) – Università degli Studi di Milano. Since 2007, he has been actively involved in lecturing and tutoring for the College of General Practitioners in Milan, contributing to the training and education of future healthcare professionals.


In 2020, Dr. Pellegrini co-founded Medisfera Health Center, a comprehensive medical facility centred around General Practice and offering a range of specialized services. With on-site laboratory facilities, ultrasounds, ECGs, and more, Dr. Pellegrini and his team are equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions efficiently and effectively.


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