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Dr. Cristina Zorzi Rome

Dr. Cristina Zorzi is a dedicated general practitioner based in Rome. As a freelancer affiliated with the National Health Service, she provides comprehensive healthcare assistance in the local area, serving as an attending physician for her patients. Dr. Zorzi is committed to supporting her patients through various treatments, therapies, periodic and follow-up visits, consultation of medical reports, and prescription management. When necessary, she also refers her patients to specialist doctors for further evaluation and specialized care.


Dr. Zorzi has expertise in managing a range of common health conditions and pathologies. Some of the conditions she treats include general aches and pains, hypertension (high blood pressure), gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchial tubes), diabetes mellitus (high blood sugar levels), headaches, asthma, sciatica (pain radiating along the sciatic nerve), gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), and obesity.


With a patient-centred approach, Dr. Cristina Zorzi aims to provide compassionate and effective healthcare to her patients. She takes the time to understand their individual needs, offers personalized treatment plans, and ensures ongoing monitoring and support. By combining her knowledge and experience with a focus on preventive care and patient education, Dr. Zorzi strives to help her patients achieve and maintain optimal health.


As a trusted general practitioner in Rome, Dr. Cristina Zorzi plays a vital role in the primary healthcare system, delivering comprehensive medical services and facilitating access to specialized care when needed. Her dedication to her patient’s well-being and commitment to providing quality healthcare make her a valued healthcare professional in the community.

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