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Dr Lyudmila LALOVA Nice

Dr. Lyudmila Lalova is a dedicated doctor in Nice who provides comprehensive general medical care for both children and adults. With a focus on patient well-being, Dr. Lalova offers a wide range of services to address various healthcare needs.


Patients of all ages can seek medical care from Dr. Lyudmila Lalova, as she provides general medical consultations, annual check-ups, vaccinations, and Pap smears. She also offers services related to implant placement and removal (specifically Nexplanon). Dr. Lalova ensures the follow-up of infants, including weighing, measuring, and vaccination, as well as providing care for children. Additionally, she provides gynaecological follow-up, catering to various needs in women’s health.


Dr. Lalova’s expertise extends beyond general medicine. She offers sessions of photobiomodulation-MILTA dermato and MILTA gynaecology, which utilize photonic emission for tissue regeneration, anti-inflammatory and anti-infective treatment, and wound healing. This treatment modality has diverse applications, including multiple gynaecological indications (e.g., vaginal dryness), cutaneous indications, hair-related issues, stretch marks, pain and inflammation in joints and tendons, and acne.


Patients appreciate Dr. Lyudmila Lalova’s comprehensive approach to healthcare. She combines traditional medical care with innovative treatment methods, striving to provide optimal care and address specific concerns. Her expertise in photobiomodulation-MILTA adds a unique dimension to her practice, offering patients alternative treatment options for various conditions.


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