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Dr. Marie Borgne-Renié Barcelona

Dr. Marie Borgne-Renié, based in Barcelona, is an experienced English-speaking general practitioner who provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of common medical conditions. With a holistic approach, she aims to address the overall well-being of her patients.


Dr. Borgne-Renié practices at Turó Park Clinics and specializes in sexual and reproductive health as well as drug misuse. She has a strong background in these areas, having worked as part of the NHS workforce in the UK, where she provided primary care services to a diverse population.


In addition to her proficiency in English, Dr. Borgne-Renié is a native French speaker. She has worked as a GP in Paris, France, with a focus on the baby clinic, conducting medical examinations for children, and offering advice on special needs in daycare settings.


Dr. Borgne-Renié has also provided her exceptional services at The Expat Medical Centre and Central Doctors in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This has allowed her to gain extensive experience in working with a multicultural international patient population, including refugees.


Dr. Marie Borgne-Renié completed her General Medicine studies at Rouen University in France. She holds certificates in Clinical and Therapeutic Synthesis and in the Management of Drug Misuse from the Faculty of Medicine in Tours, France. Furthermore, she has a diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. She furthered her career as a family doctor in central London, working in both a travel clinic and a digital surgery.


With her diverse background, multilingual abilities, and commitment to providing high-quality care, Dr. Marie Borgne-Renié offers exceptional medical services to patients in Barcelona.

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