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Dr. Matteo Incarbone

Dr. Matteo Incarbone is a highly skilled specialist in thoracic surgery, breast surgery, and emergency surgeries. With expertise in a range of areas, he performs specialized examinations and provides surgical treatments for various conditions.


In the field of thoracic surgery, Dr. Incarbone is proficient in handling cases related to lung cancer, lung metastases, pleural mesothelioma, timoma, pleural effusion, chest wall tumours, and pneumothorax. He is experienced in conducting demolitions and reconstructions of the chest wall for primary and secondary malignancies, as well as offering radical and palliative surgical therapy for pleural mesothelioma.


As a breast surgeon, Dr. Incarbone specializes in breast cancer and oncoplastic surgery. He is adept at performing surgical interventions for breast cancer treatment, including reconstructive procedures that aim to restore the appearance and functionality of the breast.


Additionally, Dr. Incarbone is skilled in melanoma surgery and thyroid surgery. Patients can rely on his expertise in diagnosing and treating melanoma, a type of skin cancer, as well as conducting surgeries for thyroid conditions.


Patients seeking Dr. Incarbone’s care benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of thoracic surgery and related specialities. His dedication to providing comprehensive and effective surgical treatments, coupled with his compassionate approach to patient care, makes him a trusted and sought-after specialist in his areas of expertise.


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