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Dr. med. Clemens Micus

Dr. med. Clemens Micus is a general practitioner in Berlin who takes a holistic approach to healthcare. He and his team provide comprehensive medical services, taking into account the individual’s personality and social environment. They are committed to providing care to people of all genders, ages, religions, worldviews, origins, residence statuses, and sexual orientations.


Practice of Dr. Micus has been serving the community since 2013, located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Neukölln, just a short distance from the town hall. The practice is designed to be warm and welcoming, and it also features modern art by the Berlin artist Maria Wollny, adding an aesthetic touch to the environment.


Dr. Micus and his team offer a wide range of medical services, covering the entire spectrum of general medicine. They provide quick and comprehensive expertise in treating various illnesses. In addition to general medicine, they specialize in integrative addiction medicine, fulfilling an important social mission in addressing addiction-related issues.


With their caring and inclusive approach, Dr. med. Clemens Micus and his team are dedicated to providing quality healthcare to their community. They strive to create a supportive and compassionate environment where patients can receive the necessary medical attention and feel valued and respected.

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