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Dr. med. Mario Voss Berlin

Dr. Mario Voss is an experienced general practitioner in Berlin-Mitte, providing medical care to patients for over 22 years. Since establishing his practice in 1997, he has expanded and specialized in various areas of medicine. In addition to general medicine, his practice offers chemotherapy, cardiovascular diagnostics, oxygen therapy, and neural therapy. Dr. Voss collaborates closely with specialists in the city, allowing him to optimize and extend his services as needed.


As a family doctor, Dr. Voss prioritizes the health and well-being of his patients. He aims to support them in maintaining good health and aiding in their recovery when they are unwell. He encourages patients to take personal responsibility for their well-being and empowers them to lead fulfilling lives with a high quality of life. Dr. Voss believes that humour, love, and optimism are essential remedies. 


He recognizes the importance of maintaining good health and vitality at different stages of life, emphasizing the combination of healthy living conditions and positive perspectives to withstand the challenges of urban, Western society.


Dr. Voss sees himself not only as a doctor who treats suffering but also as a health expert who emphasizes preventive care. He believes in addressing specific health problems collaboratively with his patients, alleviating symptoms, and finding the best possible solutions together. Dr. Voss values the relationship with his patients and strives to provide comprehensive and holistic care to support their overall well-being.

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