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Dr. med. N. Bettina Heitmann Hamburg

Dr. med. N. Bettina Heitmann is a specialist in internal medicine who operates a medical practice at the Michel in Hamburg. The practice provides a combination of traditional medicine and personalized family doctor care for patients of all ages. Dr. Heitmann and her team are dedicated to addressing patients’ questions and complaints, with a focus on achieving optimal health outcomes. Same-day appointments are available to ensure prompt and efficient care.

The practice offers a wide range of general practitioner services to cater to various healthcare needs. This includes professional early diagnosis, individualized therapies, home visits for patients who require personalized care at their residence, check-ups to assess overall health and detect potential issues, vaccinations to protect against preventable diseases, travel medicine services for individuals planning trips abroad, Disease Management Programs (DMP) to provide specialized care for chronic conditions, youth protection investigations, examinations before operations to ensure readiness for surgical procedures, wound care, dementia testing, and psychosomatic basic care to address the interconnectedness of physical and mental health.

Furthermore, Dr. Heitmann’s practice is committed to providing individual desired services, understanding that each patient may have unique healthcare needs and preferences. The practice also offers various certificates and reports, supporting patients in meeting specific requirements such as medical certifications or documentation.

With a focus on comprehensive care, Dr. med. N. Bettina Heitmann’s practice aims to provide a wide range of general practitioner services tailored to individual patient needs. By combining traditional medicine with personalized care, the practice strives to support patients on their journey towards optimal health and well-being.


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