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Dr. med. Nikolaus Peter Höllen Berlin

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Nikolaus Peter Höllen in Berlin. With a warm greeting, Dr. Höllen invites you to explore the range of services provided at the practice. On the website, you will find valuable information and helpful links related to these services.

To schedule an appointment, you can book online through Jameda. In case of urgent requests when no appointments are available, you can obtain an appointment via the KV Berlin appointment service.

Dr. Nikolaus Peter Höllen is an authorized further education officer of the Berlin Medical Association, actively involved in training prospective specialists. The practice is affiliated with Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin, serving as an academic teaching practice and providing training opportunities for medical students. This allows patients to benefit from the latest knowledge and expertise.

The practice offers a wide range of services, including internal medicine, sports medicine, general medicine, medical rehabilitation, yellow fever vaccination, naturopathic treatments, allergy diagnostics, investigations, rescue medicine, blood transfusion, and management of sleep disorders. Dr. Höllen and the team provide comprehensive medical care in these areas.

Dr. Nikolaus Peter Höllen’s practice is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of patients by delivering high-quality healthcare services. Whether you require routine medical care or specialized treatments, the practice strives to meet your needs.

Please explore the website for more detailed information about the services offered. Dr. Höllen and the team look forward to providing you with exceptional medical care.

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