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Dr. med. Sylwia Martensen Hamburg

Dr. med. Sylwia Martensen is a specialist in General Medicine in Hamburg, offering a wide range of services tailored to meet your health needs.


The practice focuses on general medicine and internal medicine, providing comprehensive healthcare services to help you stay healthy from the inside out. They offer healthcare services, including preventive care and management of chronic conditions, through their DMP (Disease Management Program).


Early detection is crucial, and the practice offers skin cancer screening to facilitate timely treatment. Vaccination advice is also available to help protect against viruses and ensure your overall well-being. A dementia test is offered to provide clarity on the current status and guide appropriate care.


Psychosomatic basic care is provided for those experiencing disharmony between the mind and body. The practice also offers health check-ups, GP care, and home visits within a 5-kilometre radius for patients unable to come to the practice due to health reasons.


Dr. med. Sylwia Martensen emphasizes the importance of rehabilitation in restoring and reintegrating mentally or physically ill individuals into social life. The practice participates in the emergency medical service during weekends, public holidays, and outside regular practice hours.


For those aged 35 and above with statutory health insurance, a free health check (Check-up 35) is available to detect potential diseases and reduce risk factors.


As a general practitioner, Dr. med. Sylwia Martensen Hamburg serves as the primary point of contact for patients, coordinating treatment steps and providing comprehensive care. Their focus is on acute and chronic care, as well as prevention and rehabilitation.


With a patient-centred approach, Dr. med. Sylwia Martensen Hamburg offers a range of services to address your health concerns and provide the necessary care and coordination to ensure your well-being.


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