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Dr. med. Thomas Raile Berlin

Dr. med. Thomas Raile is a general practitioner based in Berlin, dedicated to providing the best possible medical care to each patient, tailored to their individual needs. He is supported by a team of experienced healthcare professionals, including Dr. Med. Christoph Brachthäuser, Natalia Vershal, and Dr. med. Maren Kapella.


Their range of services includes primary care, house calls, and a wide array of medical examinations and treatments. They offer ultrasound examinations for various organs, such as the abdomen, thyroid, and blood vessels. Additionally, they provide 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, health checks, and cancer prevention services.


The practice offers pain therapy, travel medicine, including infectious diseases, ECGs, pulmonary function tests, and endocrinology services covering conditions like thyroid disorders, diabetes, and osteoporosis. They also specialize in metabolism, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, kidney and urological diseases, immune system disorders, connective tissue and joint diseases, and gastrointestinal tract conditions.


Dr. Raile and his team are trained in acupuncture, oncology, emergency medicine, and primary psychosomatic care. They perform various ultrasound examinations, including those for stroke prevention and assessing the thickness of blood vessel walls. The practice also provides vaccination services with counselling and offers a comprehensive range of laboratory tests, including point-of-care diagnostics.


With their expertise and commitment to patient-centred care, Dr. Med. Thomas Raile and his team strive to meet the healthcare needs of their patients in Berlin and provide comprehensive medical services to promote overall well-being.


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