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Dr Nancy Salzman Jessula Paris

Dr. Nancy Salzman is an accomplished general practitioner and family physician based in Paris. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, she holds Canadian, American, and French citizenships, and is fluent in both English and French. With an impressive educational background from the University of Ottawa Medical School and McGill University, Dr. Salzman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice.

Having worked at renowned institutions such as the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Bermuda and the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace in Monaco, Dr. Salzman established her private practice in central Paris in 1996 after serving in the Medical Department of the Canadian Embassy for over two decades.

Dr. Salzman’s expertise encompasses a wide range of medical services, including preventive care, longitudinal care for ongoing health issues, and acute care for illnesses and minor emergencies. She has a particular interest and experience in women’s health and travel medicine, and she welcomes patients of all ages and nationalities.

Being an expatriate herself, Dr. Salzman understands the unique needs and challenges faced by expats in navigating the French healthcare system. Her ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages and her understanding of different cultural approaches to healthcare set her apart. She is licensed in Canada, has met American licensing requirements, and is among the rare North American-born physicians to have passed the French licensing requirements.

Outside of her medical practice, Dr. Salzman enjoys various hobbies and cherishes quality time spent with her family and friends. With her exceptional qualifications and dedication to patient care, Dr. Nancy Salzman continues to provide excellent medical services to her diverse patient base in Paris.


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