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Dr Philippe Delandre Nice

Dr. Philippe Delandre is a dedicated sports doctor in Nice, specializing in sports traumatology, ultrasound, infiltrations, echo-guided gestures, and general medicine. With a focus on the unique healthcare needs of athletes, Dr. Delandre provides comprehensive care for various pathologies that may arise during sports practice.


As a sports doctor, Dr. Delandre understands the importance of screening, prevention, and long-term follow-up for athletes. By addressing these aspects, he can consider the overall well-being and specific needs of each individual athlete.


Dr. Philippe Delandre’s expertise in sports traumatology enables him to diagnose and treat a wide range of sports-related injuries and conditions. Whether it’s muscle strains, ligament sprains, fractures, or other sports-related traumas, he provides specialized care to support athletes in their recovery and return to optimal performance.


Additionally, Dr. Delandre utilizes ultrasound and echo-guided procedures to enhance diagnostic accuracy and guide interventions such as infiltrations when necessary. This allows for precise treatment planning and targeted therapeutic interventions.


In addition to his specialization in sports medicine, Dr. Philippe Delandre also practices general medicine. This broad scope of practice allows him to address general health concerns and provide holistic care to his patients beyond sports-related issues.

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