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Dr. Rafael Acerete Barcelona

Dr. Rafael Acerete is a skilled general practitioner at Turó Park Clinics in Barcelona. With a strong educational background and expertise in preventive medicine, Dr. Acerete is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services to his patients.

Dr. Acerete obtained his degrees in Medicine and Pharmacy from the University of Valencia, where he also completed an external rotation at the University of Cagliari in Sardinia. Additionally, he holds a Master’s degree in Biomedical Research from the University of Valencia, showcasing his dedication to staying updated with the latest advancements in the medical field.

Throughout his career, Dr. Acerete has actively participated in research projects focusing on the impact of physical exercise and preventive medicine. He has also contributed to publications related to nutrition and diets, underscoring his well-rounded knowledge in promoting healthy lifestyles.

With fluency in Spanish, Valencian, English, and Italian, Dr. Acerete effectively communicates with his patients, ensuring they receive the highest level of care. He places great emphasis on preventive medicine, recognizing the importance of early detection and intervention to maintain optimal health.

Dr. Acerete specializes in conducting annual check-ups, allowing him to thoroughly assess his patients’ overall health and identify any potential issues. Furthermore, he provides guidance on nutrition and the role of sports in maintaining good health, emphasizing the importance of a balanced and active lifestyle.

As a valued member of the medical team at Turó Park Clinics, Dr. Rafael Acerete is dedicated to delivering personalized and comprehensive healthcare services to his patients in Barcelona. Trust in his expertise and commitment to preventive medicine to ensure your well-being.


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