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Dr. Reisbeck Medical Marbella

Reisbeck Medical is a German General Practice and specialist clinic located in Marbella. With a focus on internal medicine, diagnostics, and cardiology, their team of experienced doctors provides high-quality healthcare services and continuity of care to their patients.


The clinic adopts a unique approach to patient care, combining the latest technology and effective medical treatments with a deep respect for each individual’s well-being. They prioritize a personalized, patient-centric approach and have built long-standing relationships with patients who communicate in English, German, and Spanish.


Medical checkups, cardiology evaluations, GP services, and general checkups are among the services offered by Reisbeck Medical. Their dedicated team, led by Dr. Bernd Reisbeck and Dr. Manuela Reisbeck, consists of specialists in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Cardiology.


With their extensive training and consultancy experience in prominent institutions such as New York University, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and New York Medical College, the doctors bring a holistic perspective to patient care. They consider each patient’s health history, lifestyle, and symptoms to accurately diagnose conditions and recommend the most suitable treatment options.


Reisbeck Medical is committed to providing exceptional medical care, inspiring the health and well-being of their patients through their expertise and patient-centred approach.


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