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Dr Rene Bouaziz Nice

Dr. René Bouaziz is a compassionate general practitioner who practices at the One Clinic centre in Nice. With a focus on comprehensive healthcare, Dr. Bouaziz provides a wide range of medical services for children and adults.


Patients of all ages can seek medical care from Dr. René Bouaziz, as he offers general medical services tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s routine consultations, annual check-ups, vaccinations, or health check-ups, Dr. Bouaziz ensures that his patients receive personalized and attentive care.


In addition to general medical care, Dr. Bouaziz specializes in treating infectious diseases. His expertise in this area allows him to diagnose and manage various infectious conditions, ensuring the well-being and recovery of his patients.


Furthermore, Dr. Bouaziz provides gynaecological follow-up, including services such as smear tests, contraception guidance, and menopause management. His knowledge and experience in gynaecology ensure that women receive comprehensive care for their specific health concerns.


Patients appreciate Dr. René Bouaziz’s compassionate and patient-centred approach to healthcare. He establishes a warm and trusting doctor-patient relationship, where open communication and active involvement in healthcare decisions are encouraged.


If you are seeking a caring and experienced general practitioner in Nice, Dr. René Bouaziz at the One Clinic Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical care for patients of all ages. Benefit from his expertise in general medicine, infectious diseases, and gynaecology, ensuring that you receive personalized and high-quality healthcare services.


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