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Dr. Thomas Postel Berlin

Dr. Thomas Postel is a general practitioner based in Berlin, offering a comprehensive range of services and diagnostics to his patients. His services include general primary care, specialized care for chronic diseases through Disease Management Programs (DMP), and various preventive check-ups.


For patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes mellitus, coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and bronchial asthma, Dr. Thomas Postel provides specialized care through DMPs tailored to their specific needs.


In terms of preventive care, Dr. Postel offers check-ups for both men and women, starting from the age of 35, and recommends repeating them every three years. These check-ups may include additional laboratory tests, electrocardiography (ECG), lung function tests, and eye exams. He also provides skin cancer screenings for individuals aged 35 and above, as well as early detection tests for colon cancer from the age of 50.


Dr. Postel offers various diagnostic services, such as allergy diagnostics, functional diagnostics, biometrics, electrocardiography (ECG), long-term ECG (Holter ECG), long-term blood pressure measurement (ABPM), lung function tests (spirometry), and doppler sonography of the peripheral arteries.


In addition to diagnostics, Dr. Postel’s practice includes a laboratory for the rapid testing of acute cardiac conditions, blood sugar determination, detection of urinary tract infections, and adjustment of patients on blood-thinning medication through INR measurement.


Dr. Thomas Postel also specializes in travel medicine, providing travel medicine advice and vaccinations to ensure the health and safety of individuals travelling abroad.


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