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Dr. Tom Malschaert Brussles

Dr. Tom Malschaert is a skilled general practitioner based in Brussels, offering a range of medical services to his patients. With a focus on general medicine, Dr. Malschaert provides semi-urgent consultations and follow-up appointments to address your healthcare needs effectively.

At Dr. Malschaert’s clinic, you have access to convenient on-site services such as blood tests, X-rays, and ultrasounds, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient approach to your medical care.

For emergencies that occur outside of regular office hours, Dr. Malschaert recommends contacting La Garde Bruxelloise, a group of doctors available in the evenings and on weekends, ensuring that you receive the necessary medical attention when needed.

Dr. Malschaert prioritizes the well-being of his patients and is dedicated to providing professional and attentive healthcare services. Whether you require a consultation or follow-up care, you can trust in his expertise and commitment to deliver high-quality medical care.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact Dr. Tom Malschaert’s clinic directly. He looks forward to assisting you and addressing your healthcare needs with expertise and care.

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