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English Doctor Barcelona

English Doctor Barcelona offers a range of comprehensive medical services in the vibrant city. With a team of experienced general practitioners (GPs), navigating the Spanish healthcare system becomes hassle-free for patients. The clinic provides timely appointments, and GPs can refer patients to specialists for further investigation or treatment when necessary. In addition, the GPs are proficient in various areas such as general medicine, ear, nose, and throat issues, general surgery, sexual health, urology, and vaccinations. The clinic is also equipped to handle minor surgeries and ultrasound investigative scans on-site.

Patients can easily book appointments online or visit the friendly and professional medical centre for immediate consultations. English Doctor Barcelona is committed to offering prompt and efficient care.

Diagnostic tests are conducted using state-of-the-art equipment, delivering quick and accurate results. From CAT scans (TAC), echocardiograms, and gastroscopies to laboratory analysis, MRIs, ultrasounds, X-rays, and more, the clinic ensures patients receive timely and accurate diagnoses. They also offer COVID testing and STD/STI testing.

Mental health is prioritized, and patients struggling with stress, anxiety, or psychological disorders can benefit from the guidance of a Schema Therapist. The therapist helps patients achieve a more balanced and functional state of mind, leading to an improved quality of life.

For those unable to visit the medical centre, English Doctor Barcelona offers virtual healthcare consultations. Patients can easily book appointments for blood tests, mental health counselling, or medical consultations, providing convenience and accessibility.

Experience high-quality medical care with English Doctor Barcelona, where booking an appointment is a seamless process. The clinic’s dedicated team of English-speaking doctors is committed to providing exceptional healthcare services to patients in Barcelona.


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