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Schuman Medical Practice is a renowned healthcare provider that has been serving the English-speaking community in Brussels for many years. Founded by Dr. Piercy, the practice has established itself as a trusted medical facility in the European quarter. In 2007, Dr. Stockley and Dr. Verheul took over, expanding the practice’s expertise in General Practice Medicine to cater to a diverse range of nationalities and cultures.

Now, as Dr. Verheul and Dr. Stockley embark on a well-deserved retirement, the legacy of excellence continues under the care of Dr. Jonckers and Dr. Nyiraguhirwa. These experienced doctors are dedicated to providing high-quality medical care and maintaining the practice’s personalized approach to healthcare.

Schuman Medical Practice prides itself on fostering strong doctor-patient relationships based on trust, respect, and effective communication. The team understands the importance of individualized care and takes the time to listen to patient’s concerns and address their unique needs. Whether patients require routine check-ups, preventive care, or treatment for specific health conditions, they can trust in the expertise and dedication of the doctors at Schuman Medical Practice.

With a commitment to creating a comfortable and supportive environment, the practice ensures that patients feel confident in the quality of care they receive. If you are in need of comprehensive medical solutions delivered with a personal touch, don’t hesitate to contact Schuman Medical Practice. Book an appointment today and embark on a journey towards optimal health and well-being under the care of their experienced medical professionals.


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