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English Doctor in Paris

Dr. Gunita Jolly is an experienced and trusted English doctor based in Paris, offering comprehensive medical services for both adults and children. With over two decades of practice in the city, Dr. Jolly has established herself as a reliable healthcare provider.

Trained at Guy’s Hospital in London, Dr. Jolly brings a wealth of expertise to her practice, providing general medical care with a focus on diagnosing and treating common ailments. She works closely with specialists when needed to ensure patients receive the most appropriate care.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventive medicine is an integral part of Dr. Jolly’s practice. She offers screenings, health promotion advice, and medical check-ups to help patients maintain optimal health.

Dr. Jolly provides specialized care in gynecology and family planning, with extensive experience in managing gynecological, obstetric, and pediatric issues. She also offers safe pre-pregnancy planning and comprehensive prenatal care.

In addition, Dr. Jolly specializes in travel medicine, providing vaccination schedules and anti-malarial advice to travelers.

For pediatric patients, Dr. Jolly addresses common childhood ailments, provides diagnosis for unexplained symptoms, and administers childhood vaccinations.

Dr. Jolly’s practice is known for its personalized approach, ensuring each patient receives individualized attention and compassionate care. Fluent in English, she provides a comfortable environment for English-speaking patients in Paris.

With her dedication to comprehensive care and commitment to patient well-being, Dr. Gunita Jolly is a trusted and knowledgeable healthcare professional for individuals and families seeking high-quality medical services in the vibrant city of Paris.

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