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ENTcare Brussels, led by Dr. Durdurez JP, is a renowned ENT practice serving patients in two convenient locations. With a strong foundation built by the esteemed Dr. Minet JC, the practice offers top-quality care with a focus on professionalism and experience.

The practice boasts a team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide exceptional ENT services. Their expertise covers a wide range of areas, including disorders of breathing, hearing, balance, snoring, voice and swallowing, smell and taste, as well as respiratory allergological disorders. This comprehensive approach allows them to address conditions such as sinusitis, otitis, deafness, and tinnitus effectively.

To ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment, ENTcare Brussels utilizes modern and efficient technical examinations. These include microscopic examination of the eardrums, naso-pharynx-laryngeal microscopy, sinusoscopy, video stroboscopy, skin allergy tests, rhinomanometry, audiometry, tympanometry, auditory evoked potential, videonystagmography, and otoemissions. These advanced diagnostic tools enable the team to thoroughly assess patients’ conditions and provide appropriate treatment plans.

The practice takes pride in its commitment to patient well-being and satisfaction. Dr. Durdurez JP and the entire team at ENTcare Brussels prioritize personalized care, tailoring their services to meet the unique needs of each patient. With a patient-centred approach, they aim to provide comprehensive and compassionate care throughout the treatment process.

For individuals seeking expert ENT care in Brussels, ENTCARE Brussels offers a trusted and reliable option. Their professionalism, experience, and dedication ensure that patients receive top-quality care and achieve optimal ear, nose, and throat health. Contact ENTcare Brussels today to schedule an appointment and experience their exceptional ENT services.

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