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General Practicce Visser Rotterdam

General Practice Visser in Rotterdam has a rich history of providing excellent healthcare services to the local community. Following years of collaboration with Dr. Erlings, Dr. Visser has taken over the practice within the health center. With a passion for her work and a deep dedication to patient care, Dr. Visser has been serving the community in the heart of Rotterdam with great pleasure.


Since January 2018, General Practice Visser has been open every working day, ensuring accessibility for patients seeking medical advice and consultations. Whether you have questions regarding your health or require a face-to-face appointment, the practice is committed to providing prompt and comprehensive care.


Dr. Visser and her team are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of healthcare. With a patient-centred approach, they strive to foster a trusting and supportive environment for individuals seeking their services. By listening attentively to patients’ concerns and providing personalized treatment plans, General Practice Visser aims to promote well-being and enhance the overall health of its patients.


Located within the health centre, General Practice Visser offers a wide range of medical services, including preventive care, treatment of acute and chronic conditions, and health counselling. By offering comprehensive care under one roof, the practice ensures convenience and continuity of care for its patients.


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