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General Practice Crooswijk Rotterdam

General Practice Crooswijk in Rotterdam is a dedicated healthcare provider offering comprehensive services to patients in the local community. With a commitment to adapting to the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the practice has implemented various changes to ensure the safety and well-being of both patients and staff. As a result, phone consultations and video appointments have become more prevalent, with all office hours now scheduled by appointment.


The practice prides itself on its highly qualified team, comprising professionals with the appropriate diplomas and qualifications necessary to deliver exceptional care. Continuous education and training are emphasized, allowing the team to stay abreast of the latest developments in the medical field. Patients can find information about the team members, including their roles and qualifications, on the practice’s website, along with the doctors’ BIG numbers, which provide access to the Register of Professions in Individual Healthcare for verification.


While General Practice Crooswijk no longer conducts medical examinations or issues medical statements since 2019, the practice remains committed to providing valuable training opportunities. It serves as a training practice for doctor’s assistants and regularly offers supervision to medical students and interns from Erasmus MC as they progress toward becoming doctors. Furthermore, the practice welcomes doctors specializing in general practice, with recognized GP trainers, such as Doctor Eland and Doctor Van Santen, available to guide and mentor these aspiring professionals.


Recognizing the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle, General Practice Crooswijk places particular emphasis on supporting patients in their efforts to quit smoking. Resources and information related to smoking cessation are readily available on the practice’s website, encouraging patients to take proactive steps towards improving their overall health.

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