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General practice Dam – Weststrate Rotterdam

General Practice Dam-Weststrate in Rotterdam is a well-established healthcare center with a dedicated team of doctors. Doctor Dam-Weststrate has been serving patients at the practice for a significant period. She collaborates closely with doctor Niers to provide comprehensive care to their patients.


Doctor Dam-Weststrate is available for consultations on Mondays, Thursday mornings, and Fridays. On the other hand, doctor Niers attends to patients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It’s important to note that appointments cannot be scheduled on Thursday afternoons. In case of emergencies, doctor de Jong will provide the necessary medical attention.


The general practice operates as part of the Mariastraat Health Center, ensuring close collaboration with other healthcare providers within the facility. This integration allows for a coordinated and holistic approach to patient care.


The practice functions with the support of dedicated assistants and practice assistants who work alongside the doctors. For certain complaints, patients have the option to directly contact the assistants. The specific details and availability can be discussed during the appointment scheduling process.


At General Practice Dam-Weststrate, patients can expect a patient-centred approach to healthcare. The doctors, along with their team, are committed to delivering high-quality care and establishing a strong patient-doctor relationship.


By leveraging their expertise and working in tandem with the healthcare professionals in the health centre, General Practice Dam-Weststrate aims to provide comprehensive and well-rounded healthcare services to the community.

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