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General Practice Fydok Prinsenland Rotterdam

General Practice Fydok in Prinsenland, Rotterdam, is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals, including general practitioners (GPs), POH-S (practice nurses), and doctor’s assistants. 


During the ongoing coronavirus period, the practice has implemented a daily task division system to efficiently handle patient care. This division involves categorizing tasks into visiting doctors, telephone doctors, and consultation doctors, depending on the availability and circumstances of the doctors, assistants, and the practice itself. Although patients can express their preference for a specific GP, the allocation of tasks is influenced by the availability and medical urgency, with efforts made to accommodate patient preferences as much as possible.


In addition to regular consultation hours, each GP in practice also fulfils mandatory evening, night, and weekend shifts at the out-of-hours GP practice. They participate in mandatory refresher courses and occasionally engage in (national) consultations. Like patients, GPs also take holidays, ensuring a balanced work-life schedule. To ensure continuous accessibility, substitute GPs may be utilized when needed, ensuring that the practice remains available to patients at all times.


General Practice Fydok prioritizes providing accessible and comprehensive care to its patients. Their team of professionals works together to ensure high-quality service and effective medical support. By implementing a collaborative approach and utilizing substitute GPs when necessary, the practice strives to maintain accessibility and continuity of care.


Patients can trust General Practice Fydok in Prinsenland, Rotterdam, to provide attentive and reliable healthcare services.

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