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Gynecological Center Hippocrates Clinic

Nestled in the serene neighbourhood of Buitenveldert, Amsterdam, the Gynecological Center Hippocrates Clinic warmly welcomes you to its doors. As an independent treatment facility, this newly established institution specializes in delivering exceptional medical care in the fields of gynaecology and obstetrics.

At Gynecological Center Hippocrates Clinic, they understand the urgency of your needs when it comes to gynaecological and pregnancy concerns. With a swift and responsive approach, they offer prompt consultations, thorough examinations, and effective treatments for a wide range of gynaecological issues and pregnancy-related complications.

What sets Gynecological Center Hippocrates Clinic apart are its core principles that ensure an optimal level of care. Their unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality of medical attention is reflected in their utilization of cutting-edge techniques and the latest advancements in treatment methods.

Emphasizing a personal touch, the clinic places the woman as the central focus of their care, acknowledging the importance of individualized treatment. Patients can expect a welcoming, homely atmosphere that fosters relaxation and comfort, creating a truly patient-friendly environment.

Gynecological Center Hippocrates Clinic extends its services to women from across the country, embracing diversity and cultural inclusivity. Language barriers are effortlessly bridged during office hours for Russian and Greek-speaking women, with their proficient multilingual staff fluent in English, Greek, Dutch, and Russian.

With a commitment to minimizing wait times, the clinic ensures that your medical needs are attended to promptly. Moreover, for the convenience of busy women, an evening consultation hour is available on Tuesday evenings.

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