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Health Center São João – Lisbon

Located in Lisbon, Health Center São João offers a wide range of health services and benefits from various medical agreements, health insurance, and conventions. These agreements allow patients to enjoy partial or total coverage of their healthcare expenses, depending on the terms set by their insurance company.

The health services provided at Health Center São João cover a broad spectrum of medical disciplines. General medicine is available to address general health concerns and provide primary care. Physiotherapy services are offered to assist patients in recovering from injuries or managing chronic conditions. The center also provides comprehensive dentistry services, including oral surgery, implantology, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, tooth extraction, dental prosthetics, and dental implants. Additionally, the center offers nutrition services to promote healthy eating habits and improve overall well-being.

For specialized care, Health Center São João offers services in ophthalmology, psychology, psychiatry, and speech-language therapy. These services aim to address specific health conditions and provide personalized treatment options. The center also provides laboratory and clinical analysis services with a trusted partner in Lisbon, ensuring accurate and timely diagnostic results.

Health Center São João utilizes advanced technologies in its dental services, such as CEREC technology for efficient and precise dental treatments. This technology enables same-day dental restorations, allowing patients to receive high-quality dental care in a shorter time frame.

Whether it’s general healthcare needs, dental care, or specialized treatments, Health Center São João is dedicated to providing comprehensive and accessible healthcare services. With a focus on patient well-being, the center aims to meet the diverse medical needs of individuals while offering the convenience of medical agreements and insurance coverage options.

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