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Herr Dr. med. Miklos Hazay

Dr. med. Miklos Hazay is a highly experienced medical professional with a diverse background and expertise in various fields. Born in Hungary, he completed his high school education in Austria before pursuing his studies and doctorate in Hamburg, Germany.


Dr. Hazay underwent training in renowned hospitals in the UK-Eppendorf, Wandsbek, and the tropical hospital. His dedication to global healthcare led him to engage in medical activities in countries such as Cambodia, India, Nepal, and Uganda.


Throughout his career, Dr. Hazay has achieved several recognitions and specializations. In 1981, he was recognized as an internist and gastroenterologist, highlighting his expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. In 1984, he obtained a specialization in Tropical Medicine, demonstrating his knowledge and experience in dealing with diseases prevalent in tropical regions.


In subsequent years, Dr. Hazay further expanded his expertise. In 2005, he obtained a specialization in Rescue Medicine, emphasizing his ability to provide emergency medical care and assistance. In 2009, he achieved a specialization in Infectious Diseases, highlighting his in-depth understanding of infectious diseases and their management.


Dr. med. Miklos Hazay’s treatment priorities lie in the fields of gastroenterology, internal medicine, and tropical medicine. With his extensive knowledge and experience in these areas, he is well-equipped to provide comprehensive medical care to patients, addressing a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders, internal health concerns, and tropical diseases.


As a dedicated medical professional, Dr. Hazay’s broad international experience and specialized expertise make him a valuable asset in the healthcare field, ensuring that patients receive high-quality and comprehensive care in the areas of gastroenterology, internal medicine, and tropical medicine.


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